School Motto & Logo

School Motto & Logo

School Logo

The school logo is a graphic representation of the Montfortian's vision of education that aims at the integrated and holistic formation of the youth entrusted to our care .

  • LAMP: Liberation from darkness of ignorance.
  • DS: Dieu Seul = "GOD ALONE", is the motto of St.Montfort whose inspiration, Montfort Brothers try to live and lead the young to the Divine reality of God.
  • BOOKS: Represent students' quest for knowledge.
  • HANDS: Teacher's extended hand to the child symbolizes his / her vocation to be a friend & philosopher .
  • SG: Stands for St.Gabriel, the official name of the Montfort Brothers' Congregation.

School Motto

"BE YE LIGHT". Light dispels darkness. It empowers and gives life. It is our hope that every individual who enters this temple of learning - Montfort School is touched by the eternal light - God Himself. And inturn reflect that light to the well being of others.